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Primo PN-20 Violin

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The Primo PN-20 has an open tone that responses well to the bow. It is an all inclusive outfit that includes everything you need to start playing! It comes with a foam case, a wooden bow, a rosin and a set of spare strings to get you started. 


Well-seasoned spruce

Back, Rib, Neck:

Flamed maple



Fingerboard, Nut, Saddle:


Peg Chinrest and Endpin:



Reddish medium glass oil varnish.


String instruments purchased at Infiniti Strings (Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass) come with a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you have 14 from the date of receiving your item to request a return. For more details, visit our Return Policy page.

Care & Maintenance

After every use: Wipe the rosin off the violin & bow. Loosen the bow hair to reduce tension

Storage: When the humidity level is below 40%, place a humidifier inside the instrument case to avoid open seams and cracks caused by the wood reacting to the dry climate Do not leave the instrument in a car or outdoors

Maintenance: Polish the instrument with a polisher to give it extra protection and shine 


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