Programs & Lessons


2022-2023 Infiniti Strings Youth Orchestra ISYO
  • September 2022 – June 2023

  • 5PM - 6:30PM (Junior Group - Saturday )
    7PM – 8:30PM (Senior Group - Saturday)

  • Concert : June 17 2023
    Conductor: Tak Kwan

First Rehearsal Date:
September 17th, 2022 (Junior Group)
September 17th, 2022 (Senior Group)

Our Mission:

The Infiniti Strings Youth Orchestra ISYO program aims to help our students improve their performance and social skills through working with other musicians.

Junior Group: Open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass from RCM grades 3-5 or Suzuki book 3-5.
Senior Group: Open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass from RCM grades 5-10.

Unleash the potential of every student! Here's how it works.
Private Lessons

Consult - Select an instrument that you are interested in learning. Submit a consultation form and our staffs will get back to you regarding our teachers' info and availability.

Learn - Get the instrument and schedule your regular lesson.

Adjust - Give us your feedback, change your schedule, teacher and lesson time accordingly.

Showcase - Gain performance experience through taking RCM exams or participating Infiniti Strings' winter/summer recital

For lesson cancellations, we require a 24 hour notice in order to schedule a makeup lesson
If the student does not show up for the lesson without a 24 hour notice, the lesson fee will still be charged
If the teacher does not show up for the lesson, they will offer a free lesson
There will be certain exceptions made for weather and/or illness related absences

Semi Private/ Group Lessons 

-   All lessons are registered by semester, 12 sessions per semester. No refunds for absent

-   Students are grouped by age and level; 3-5 student per group 

-   Adult group lessons are also available 

Benefits of Group Lessons 

-   Lower cost 

-   More interaction with peers during class

-   Help develop team playing skills

What is studio class?

- Studio class is a performance- based group lesson where students take turns playing on stage and the instructor provides feedback on their performance

How does it work?

• Pick a piece you feel most confident in to perform during class

• Prepare a short introduction of yourself (name, age, how long you have been playing for)

• Have fun on stage!

Benefits of Studio Classes

Build confidence: Improves student’s performance skills by helping them overcome stage fright

Increases learning reinforcement: It creates a positive and constructive learning environment where students can learn from each other through watching and giving feedbacks on their performance

Improves motivation to practice : The ensemble atmosphere of group lessons uses positive peer encouragement to motivate students to learn and practice more frequently at home.

Class Duration Location Tuition Audience
60-75mins Infiniti Music Hall $40 $20