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Out standing pieces loved by many.

Characterized by a balanced tone of richness and warmth. Excellent craftsmanship with great bow responses  Known for its exceptional balance and tone quality of focus and warmth Remarkable technology and durability. The lightest cello case on the market, weighing 3.0kg. Crafted with a PVC hard shell and a full suspension system

Infiniti Academy of Music


    This store has great service, great quality instruments, great advice on what should be repaired, and great prices. They replaced my old violin bridge with a new (better) one, the tailpiece was changed, and the strings were tuned. The price was reasonable, and the people there were very kind especially the owner.

    Angel Yi

    Great experience, staff was very friendly and very helpful. I was able to purchase my long wanted cello case at a reasonable price. I was also able to purchase my cello here. Overall if you are looking for a good quality string instrument at a reasonable price I strongly recommend coming and taking a look here !

    Miki Lin

    I went to small concert last Thursday and to be honest to hear the instrumnets be played by the people from commercial songs is a great experience just to have the joy 😊 to enjoy the moment. 🎻

    Pedro Hernández Santiago

    An excellent choice of string instruments to choose from! The staff were very friendly and professional. They were knowledgeable in answering all my questions. The go to place for any musician who wants to purchase a new instrument.

    Yuen Cho