Rental Policy


Instruments Under $600  $600 - $2000  Under $5000

Protection Plan Monthly Fee (covers all damages except for strings, bows)

$3 with 20% deductible $5 with 20% deductible $10 with 20% deductible
  • Trade-In policy: 50% of all the rental fees paid in 24 months apply towards the purchase of a string instrument of equal or greater value. The instrument must have been purchase originally from Infiniti Strings (School Package do not enjoy this policy) 
  • 3 months of rent is considered as a minimum period of rent, and is non-refundable. The rental month is calculated according to the average of 30 days per month
  • Instrument changes or upgrades are acceptable at any time during the rental period, whereas extra charge may arise. There is no charge on size upgrade
  • In order to rent an instrument, a valid credit card is required. 
  • The protection plan for rental instruments includes a 20% deductible. In circumstances where a repair is required, the client will be required to pay up to 20% of the rental instruments' retail price. For example, if a repair is needed for a $300 violin, Infiniti Strings will cover any additional charges beyond the 20% deductible ($60). In other words, if the repair cost is $200, the client will only be responsible for $60 of the repair. 
  • At the end of the rental, any overdue, such as costs due to damage, lost, past due amounts are responsibilities of the lessee and this amount will be charged to the credit card on file. In cases where the instrument is not returned or lost, the lessee will be charged the retail price of the instrument, minus any equity