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Dominant Pro 4/4

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Immediately after stringing, the DOMINANT PRO set DP100 sounds bell-like and fills the room. In the first three to five hours of playing, the strings feel a touch softer and sound a little warmer than they do for the rest of their lifespan. Then the strings open up, sound more brilliant and open, and feel a little tighter beneath the fingers. The bell-like sound that fills the room decreases slightly in the last third of the strings' life and they sound more direct - from this point on, the tonal character of the strings barely changes.
Ideally suited for orchestra players, chamber musicians and soloists.
• exceptionally powerful
• good balance of brilliance and warmth
• broad range of sound colours
• supports the radiance of the instrument in the long term
• reacts immediately with a focused sound core
• a sound that fills the room
• bell-like tonal character
• high resistance to bow pressure
• suitable for soloists
• very high level of dynamics (can be played very quietly and very loudly)
• Size: 4/4


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