Antonio Scarlatti AS-202T Viola

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Antonio Scarlatti AS-202T Viola 16.5"

Lionel Tertis Model

Lionel Tertis was a giant of the viola world. He brought the viola and viola playing into the 20th century as a viola soloist and commissioner of new viola solo compositions.

When Tertis' rheumatism forced him into early retirement (at age 60- possibly exacerbated by playing BIG violas) , he continued his work for the viola by developing his own model. He began working with the luthier Arthur Richardson to develop the 'T.R.' model, which eventually became known as the Tertis model.

This viola was designed to give the sound of a larger viola without the unmanageable size. A Tertis model Viola has narrower upper bouts, wider lower bouts, and taller ribs. This maximizes the volume of air of the body, creating the sound the Tertis was so fond of, while allowing the musician to easily access the higher register by reaching around the narrower upper bouts.