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Thomastik Rondo Violin Strings

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Thomastik Rondo Violin String Set

Rondo violin strings work on many different instruments but are particularly popular among soloists playing old instruments. The RO100 set comes with a synthetic core, aluminum wound A-string, providing great modulation and a rich spectrum of sound colors. For those wanting to stay true to the traditional steel A-string or looking for 100% corrosion resistance and easier playability, Rondo offers a steel A-string without the common downsides of sounding too bright or shrill.

These strings previously were part of the "Luthier line" and were only available in-store, but now they can be purchased online today with free shipping. 

The E-String comes with a separate envelope that contains the bridge protector (many times this is not needed if your bridge already has a parchment on it) as well as an "attachable ball." The E-string is a loop-end by default, but you can insert the included ball if needed.

  • Great balance of warmth and brilliance
  • Soloistic power
  • Vast dynamic range
  • Immediate bow response
  • Reduces intensity of wolf tones


Care & Maintenance


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